Our Story

Indonesian Coffee in Kyoto

Since 2017

KopiKopi Kyoto first established in Kyoto city in 2017. We used to open in share cafe style at Riverside cafe in Kyoto. Our deep love towards Indonesian coffees is my greatest reason to presenting Indonesian coffees to the Japanese society. We passionately hope to introduce many varieties of delicious Indonesian coffees by packing and sending our freshly roasted Indonesian coffee to your home. Indonesian coffee have a unique taste, good aroma, fruity, sweetnesses and bold body which differentiates itself from other coffees from different regions. But I am sure, Indonesian coffee is one of the best coffee in the world. Kopi is coffee in my native language, Indonesia.

KopiKopi Kyoto は、2017年に京都市で創業。リバーサイドカフェにシェアカフェスタイルでオープン。インドネシアのコーヒーのすばらしさを、日本のみなさまにもぜひ味わっていただきたい思いました。インドネシアのコーヒーは独特の味わい、良い香り、フルーティーさ、甘さ、


"When You Drink a Cup of Coffee

Ideas Come In Marching Like an Army"